Simple Steps to a Better PageRank

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PageRank is essentially Google’s way of indicating how popular a webpage is for a particular search term. It is based on how many backlinks there are to a page and the quality of the sites that are linking to it.

Before we get too far in tips and techniques for increasing PageRank, you should understand that this metric is gradually fading from the Google landscape as personal search takes front stage.


The Changing Importance of PageRank

Personal search means that each search will be geared towards an individual, based on prior search preferences. Therefore, a webpage can rank high for a keyword when one individual searches but not for someone else. This makes the PageRank metric less useful. It follows that Search Engine Results Placement (SERP) will also be less meaningful. The “Get me in the top ten Google results” mentality will change to “Get me in the top ten,” for a particular demographic.

PageRank is a commonly misunderstood metric. A good PageRank does not necessarily create a better SERP. It is one of a large number of variables considered by Google. For this reason and the others noted, the tips you see here are aimed not only at increasing PageRank, but also at making your site easier to find in all search engines.

So what exactly makes a site easier to find? A site with useful and credible information and simple navigation, that encourages a sense of community will naturally attract more visitors. The primary necessity is to have a site that is good without SEO, then use SEO to help searchers find it.


Here’s what you need to do:

Get backlinks from credible, useful sites that have an active community. Do this by becoming part of the community yourself. The easiest to implement recommendation is to read quality blogs in your niche and provide useful, helpful information in comments on at least two posts every day.

Social bookmarking tools are also helpful back-link builders. If you use live dealer casino no other social bookmarking sites, make sure you use Reddit and StumbleUpon. It is best not to submit more than one link per day from a given URL. The best practice is to post to your blog daily, submit the entry to social bookmarking sites, and then surf related blogs to reply in comments. No matter which service you use, understand that even poor backlinks are still useful backlinks, they are just less valuable than quality backlinks.

The number of pages indexed on your site affects both PageRank and SERP results. For this reason, having content creation goals is important. You should be including new content on your site at least once every day, if not more often.

Be sure to optimize your pages for the right keywords. Many free keyword tools are available and keywords should be carefully chosen for popularity overall and popularity among competing websites. Most small sites can get by with free keyword tools. More advanced Web properties should enlist the help of a professional service. SEO is especially important because it is common for competing websites to ignore this aspect of Internet marketing. Take advantage of the edge the competition gives you.

If all else fails, you can forget PageRank altogether and just buy traffic through PPC advertising. Many sites that have not implemented full-scale backlinking, SEO or social media efforts still attract visitors through paid advertising. They have low PageRank but large amounts of traffic. While the cost of advertising cuts into margins, these companies are still making money with their sites.