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website performance test features

  • Analyze the load speed of your website, using real browsers with real connection speeds. Get information including Page load time, Page Speed Score, Resource loading waterfall charts, Page Speed optimization, Performance review, Content Breakdown, ScreenShot and suggestions for improvements. Learn how to optimize the performance of your website and make it faster.
  • Waterfall Chart - Graphical represantation using horizontal bars to show the lenght of time for DNS Lookup, Initial Connection, SSL Negotiation, Time to First Byte and Content Download. The chart also show the Load Time, number of Requests, DOM Elements and any errors on the page. Vertical lines show the Start Render and Document Complete points. There is a separate table with Request Details.
  • Optimization Checklist - See where you can speed things up. First Byte Time, Use persistent connections (Keep Alive), GZIP Text, Compress Images, Cache Static, Combine CSS/JS, Use A CDN, Minify JS, Proper Cookie Usage.
  • Page Speed - Your web page performance on a number of rules that speed up page load time, like resource caching, data upload and download size and client-server round-trip times. Get Page Speed score and tips on how to speed up your website (Results available only from Internet Explorer).
  • Content breakdown by MIME type and by Domain - Pie chart represantation of requests and size in bytes for the content of your website.
  • Screen Shots - See your website's Screen Shots when Fully Loaded, Start Render and Document Complete.
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