Using Webpage Images to Improve your Google Rank

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Using Webpage Images to Improve your Google Rank

As you develop a website for your topic, product or service, the goal is always to place the content in front of the proper audience. The best way to get relevant organic traffic is to earn a good Google page rank and a high position on the Google search engine. When properly utilized, images play a role in improving your page’s Google rank and help visitors find your content though search engines and external website links.

Though the formula that Google uses to rank website content is important to web developers, it is also ever-changing and a well-kept secret. Content writers and developers understand that creating strong content that uses relevant keywords and images can help improve a site’s placement with the Google search engine. The higher your website ranks on the search engine, the more likely you will receive traffic from Google.

Google page rank, on the other hand, is a different form of measurement from search engine placement. This rank determines the importance of your website content based on how many other websites link to it. When creating a website, developers focus on earning both high search engine visibility and page rank with Google.

Importance of Image Names and Descriptions

Though the text on your webpage is most important to Google when it indexes your site, you can use pictures to strengthen your written content. One way of doing this is by selecting an image that is relevant to keywords used on your site and ensuring that the image name matches your content keywords. If your picture has a generic name, such as “image.jpg,” change the image name to include a keyword that better matches the text. This allows Google to index the image based on the site’s topics and reinforces your content keywords.

You can also add a short description to your images by using additional “alt” code within your HTML code image tags. Some content management systems call this an image description and also allow you to attach best online casino a caption to an image. You can use both the description and the caption to reinforce your site’s keywords. This helps Google recognize the major topics of the page and increase your page position in the search engine.

Images and Page Rank

In order to increase Google page rank, your site must receive links from other websites. When your site has external links, especially links from higher ranked websites, Google recognizes the content of your site as important and relevant to readers, and boosts your page rank. While images don’t play a direct part in earning page rank, they do add to your site’s design, making it more attractive to readers, bloggers and other visitors. A website that uses strong images will have more user appeal, earn more external links and have a higher Google page rank as a result.

Every element that you place on your website, from the keywords to the informational content to the images, plays an important part of how both humans and the Google search engine rate your site. Because of that, don’t miss the opportunity to reinforce your text by using relevant keywords in image names and descriptions. Also, don’t underestimate how a powerful image can catch a reader’s eye and earn you a link, share or tweet. All of these things add up to help boost your site’s Google rank, search engine position and overall visibility in the long run.


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